Monday, March 5, 2012

Election Year

Hey, I am back!

With 2012 being an election year, I thought it would be a good time to write this blog as I see it as one of my main concerns.  I was born and live in California all of my life and have seen California go from the best place to live to a state where if you ask business people, retired people and a lot of middle class people they are wishing they could leave, they would like to leave or can no longer afford to live here.  But there is a lot that can be done to fix California but the people just need to say enough is enough.

Let me start by saying that most of what you read in the papers, hear on the television, listen to on the radio and read in the polls is nothing more than politicians and people trying to brain wash you and push their own agenda(s). 

Let’s start with California’s unemployment rate.  They tell us that the unemployment is going down based on new and existing claims yet this is again is only the truth.  Let me explain why, yes the claims are going down but they do not tell you that the reason the claims are going down is because most of the claims have reached their max and the unemployed people can no longer collect – so their claim is terminated and that is one less claim in their book, but it is not because they are now employed.  If you also read the press reports and listen to all the elected government officials and Presidential candidates they will tell you how the unemployment rate has decreased in December, but they did not tell you it’s because unemployment is seasonal and you will not be able to collect unemployment after the holidays because you did not earn enough in the quarter.  Therefore, the rate will stay unchanged. 

Let me also explain why the unemployment rate is so high in California and what the voters need to do to correct it.

  1. Taxes are way too high.  Business owners, both small and large are not willing to expand or invest.  It does not make sense to move back to California or even stay in California.
  2. There are no tax incentives for them to stay or return to California.
  3. The Governor’s fix is to cut spending by raising taxes on payroll and add a sales tax increase.
  4. Tax the wealthy, the same persons that are trying to create jobs.  I am not against raising taxes on the weather intervals but let’s do it to the business people that are shipping the jobs south of the border or overseas. 
  5. Stop cutting school funding.  Every time you say you are going to cut the deficit.  When you do this, you stop our children from receiving a proper education in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  6. Loosen and rid all of these regulations that benefit the politician and lobbyist. 
  7. College will be my next blog – it’s really not a hard problem to fix.
  8. My last point is from your local city to the Governor’s office: vote them out and replace them.  Most of them have been there way too long and have one interest in mind – their own benefit.  So, if you really want to fix California, wake up, get involved and do something about it.